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Industrial Marking Inks

Custom or stock colors and information on industrial marking ink

Ink Color Chart

Custom Formulated Industrial Ink Color Chart

Ink Selection Chart

Choosing the correct ink using Dell's Ink Selection Chart
Water based ink customized to customer specifications for identification marking

Dell's water based inks are developed to deliver the highest quality mark and color consistency.  Like our solvent based inks, our water based inks can be formulated to meet all customer specifications and applications while delivering the highest quality mark and absolute color consistency.  Factors such as pigment, viscosity and additive packages can be tailored to specific applications.

Compiled for a broad color spectrum, Dell’s water-based inks deliver the same high-performance benefits as traditional solvent-based ink applications with additional health advantages during production and to the environment. 

Dell inks when dried, result in a very thin, flexible film which will not interfere with the performance or characteristics of your part.


Hot or cold part, dry or oily surface, permanent or removable...Dell inks will fulfill your requirements.

Dell inks are formulated for all types of marking applications, including manual marking,

dip-spinning, hand dipping, tumbling and low pressure spray marking.


Pigmented Marking Inks (solvent or water based)

Pigmented inks are formulated to make brighter, bolder marks on porous or non-porous surfaces.  Resistant to oil, grease, water, acid and alkaline solutions.  Visible on most any material including dark materials.

Non-pigmented Marking Inks (solvent or water based)

Dye type inks are transparent, for thin film applications.  Will not settle, flake or separate.  Useful on bright surfaces providing excellent visibility.

Water Reducible Marking Inks

Non-flammable, permanent or water soluble.  Available in pigmented or non-pigmented formulas.

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