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Contact marking has never been easier. The Dell system ships complete and ready to assemble. You can be marking parts in minutes. Three marker tip sizes are available: 1/4”, 1/2" and 5/8” diameter. They are ideally suited for manual and automatic applications. The valve-action tip produces a round color spot on any smooth dry work piece. Dell inks are approved by all major automotive manufacturers.


The systems are used for marking critical inspection areas of manufactured or machined parts and assemblies. They are easily maintained and the replaceable markers are quick loading and long lasting. Simply pop the empty one off and pop a new one on. Plus, there is no handling of fluids. Each compression feeds just the right amount of ink to the spring-loaded tip.


Standard Dell Marking Ink colors are: yellow, orange, red, pink, green, light green, dark green, blue, light blue, dark blue, purple, lavender, brown, gray, black and white. Dell provides complete marking system design and build services and formulates workplace safe, low VOC pigmented and non-pigmented inks.

Contact, touch marking system

Automatic Touch System
3 cylinder


Automatic Touch System
7 cylinder

automatic touch marking system 7 cylinder

Complete System, Easy to Assemble

  • Double-acting

  • Mounting Plate

  • Markers

  • Holders

  • Tech-Specs

  • Air Cylinder

  • Disposable

  • Spring Loaded

  • Tubing, Wiring

  • QP Jr. Ink Wipes

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