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Dell Marking Systems has redefined the industrial marking pen with the introduction of the DelMarko series of refillable industrial marking pens.  Extremely flexible, the DelMarko is available in 24 stock colors, and unlimited selection of formulations and colors, or Dell can formulate ink to meet your particular requirements. Dell provides complete marking system design-and-build services and formulates workplace safe, low VOC, pigmented and non-pigmented inks. Dell inks are automotive approved. 

The DelMarko can be incorporated with contact marker holders for use in automatic applications.


​Available in:

DelMarko Supremo

DelMarko Grande - Refillable

Volume:  15 mL

Tip:  4mm

​•   Automotive Approved

​•   Custom Formulations

​•   Low VOC Inks

​•   Fast or Slow Drying  Inks

     Pigmented or Non-Pigmented

​•   Highly Adaptable System
     Works with Dell Touch

     Marking Systems

​•   Available only from Dell

     Marking Systems or Approved


Replaceable Felt Tip

Lasts long, stays firm

Transparent Marker Body

Visible ink levels

2 Oz. ink chamber

Holds supply for thousands of marks

Dell Industrial Marking Inks

Approved for automotive applications,
Proven performance


Inks made to fit your application

Snap-on Cap

Clicks to signal air tight seal.
Keeps inks from drying out.


Designed To Hold DelMarko and DelDauber

DelDauber quick loading touch marker holder

Dell spring loaded holders easily attach to a double acting air cylinder. Each compression feeds just the right amount of ink to the spring-loaded tip.  Ideally suited for automated applications for marking critical inspection areas of manufactured or machined parts and assemblies. Quick loading, long-lasting, low-cost disposable cartridges reduce downtime from handling of fluids in addition to creating a safer workplace environment.

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