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Low pressure spray marking system, non-contact.
Ink stand holds several containers

Our engineers design, produce and integrate marking systems into virtually any new or existing production process.

Dell's Low-Pressure Spray Marking Systems allow you to mark your parts with spots, lines or numbers on stationary or moving work pieces. Multiple marking units are used to provide various color codes using ink supplied by either a gravity fed or a pressurized ink system. Programmable, solid state controls filter, regulate and distribute both cylinder and atomizing air. Variable pulse timers produce marks of various sizes for added flexibility.


Employed when space for low pressure spray marking devices is severely limited, or when closely spaced spot patterns are required. These systems are easily integrated into flexible automation including programmable robotic applications.


Housed in JIC enclosures, controls are pre-set and pre-tested for each system. Air lines are supplied with quick disconnects to simplify installation and to minimize downtime when system alterations become necessary.

Industrial marking system comparison chart
DS-10 Micro-Mini Identification Marker

DS-10 Micro-Mini Marker

DS-20 Micro-Mini Identification Marker

DS-20 Micro-Mini Marker

DS-50 Micro-Mini Identification Marker

DS-50 Micro-Mini Marker

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