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Non-Contact Marking Systems Quote Request

Micro-Mini Spray Marker

Micro-Mini Spray Marker

One-Piece Circuitry

One-Piece Circuitry

Macro-Mini Spray Marker

Macro-Mini Spray Marker

Designed and assembled to provide a clean, reliable mark in applications where part can't be touched... fast, moving, hot, oily, dirty!

Dell Marking Systems will mark your parts with spots or stripes on stationary or moving parts.

Marking System Controllers easily integrate with your existing PLC's.

System Controllers filter, regulate and distribute precise marking-cycle control pressures and timing sequences.

Each system is pre-set and pre-tested prior to shipping.

Systems ship complete with Low-Pressure Spray Marker, Marking System Controller, Ink Delivery System, Tubing, Installation Schematic, Product Manual and Start-Up Ink.

Smallest air-actuated spray gun on the market.

Dell's compact design allows for use where space is at a premium.

Unique lightweight, self-cleaning design allows for marking-ink recirculation through the fluid chamber... exclusive to Dell Low-Pressure Spray Markers.

Rugged design allows for use in harsh environments such as the steel industry and the pipeline inspection industry.

Robust design built to take a hit!

Features include the recirculation of marking ink through the fluid chamber of the Macro-Mini Marker and a self-cleaning nozzle... exclusive to Dell Low-Pressure Spray Markers.

Non-Contact Marking System

Dell systems are shipped complete with everything you need for quick, easy installation:
• Air or Electronic Controls
• Automotive Manufacturer Approved
• State-of-the-Art Controls

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