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Cartridge Replacement

Easy Cartridge Replacement

DS20 Macro-Mini

DS20 Macro-Mini

Disposable Cartridges, TiteSpot Marker

Disposable Cartridges, TiteSpot Marker

Marking System Controller

Marking System Controller

QP Jr Wipes

QP Jr Wipes

DelMarko Marking Pens

DelMarko Marking Pens

The new Production Spring Striper, designed exclusively for the spring manufacturers by Dell Marking Systems, is a clean, simple and effective method of applying a colored stripe to your springs. This is a totally new concept in spring marking.

"For as long as we've been striping springs we've had a problem, then along came the Production Spring Striper and the problem is solved."

Mounted in-line, the movement of the springs on your production line triggers the release of ink from the Production Spring Striper. As your springs free fall past the Striper the precise amount of ink is released onto each spring.

This system will reduce your color coding cost, ink won't dry out during short downtimes and no outside power source is required.

Changing colors is simple and clean with quick change, disposable ink cartridges. Your operators never come in direct contact with the ink.

The Production Spring Striper system comes complete with marking device, marking fixture and a six-pack of disposable ink cartridges pre-filled with specially formulated striping inks. Standard colors are blue, green, pink, orange and yellow. Custom colors are also available. The inks are automotive approved and OSHA and industry requirements can be met.

NEW DS-20 MACRO-MINI MARKER CLOSED-LOOP RECIRCULATING SYSTEM. Re-circulating ink system, disposable ink cartridge and quick change connector, all features of the specially engineered DS-20 Macro-Mini Marker, add new productivity levels to marking systems. Ink is circulated continually through the system during operation. Constant recirculation maintains ink at original viscosity and pigment cannot separate or clog anywhere through the system.

Dell's recirculating feature will improve reliability, reduce operating costs and lower maintenance costs.

Another important new feature is the ink replacement cartridge. It eliminates refilling of reservoirs so the operator never comes in contact with the ink. Combined with the quick-change hose connectors, changing ink and markers is greatly simplified.

Exclusively available from Dell Marking Systems, the DS-20 can consistently apply a 12mm diameter mark on a tire rotating up to 95 MPM.

The new features can be retrofitted to existing marking systems from Dell Marking Systems.

NEW TITESPOT™ AUTOMATIC SPRING MARKING SYSTEM. Featuring replaceable, reloadable, disposable marker cartridges in a unique air-operated spring-assembly system that eliminates handling of inks on the shop floor.

Compact and lightweight (only 5" long), the TiteSpot assembly can be mounted anywhere, in any position. Complete assemblies include a double acting cylinder, ink cartridge, a spring and aluminum housing. No skilled trades or tools are required to replace the empty disposable cartridge. It reloads in seconds and cycle time is adjustable up to .25 seconds per spot.

Cartridges are available from stock in six-packs. Standard colors are white, blue, green, yellow, pink and orange.

MARKING SYSTEM CONTROLLERS. Modular marking system controllers provide improvements in reliability and maintenance. The one piece circuitry is available in next generation from Dell Marking Systems.

QP JR™ LOW-LINT PRE-SATURATED WIPES. New QP Jr's are available for inkjet printheads and small parts preparation. Each pop-up dispenser contains 60 5-1/2" x 3-1/2" wipes; widely used by professionals for cleaning high-resolution inkjet printheads. Cleaning solvent blends for all leading manufacturers of inkjet printheads including XAAR and Trident are available.

Dell Marking Systems will privately label QP Jr's for distributors and OEMs.

DELMARKO™ REFILLABLE INDUSTRIAL MARKING PENS. Dell Marking Systems has redefined the industrial marking pen with the introduction of the DelMarko series of refillable industrial marking pens.

Extremely flexible, the DelMarko is available in 24 stock colors, and unlimited selection of formulations and colors, or Dell can formulate ink to meet your particular requirements. Dell provides complete marking system design-and-build services and formulates workplace safe, low VOC, pigmented and non-pigmented inks. Dell inks are automotive approved.

The DelMarko can be incorporated with contact marker holders for use in automatic applications.

Non-Contact Marking System

Non-Contact Marking System

With over 30 years experience in designing, building, installing and servicing industrial marking systems, Dell Marking designs have evolved to reduce downtime by simplifying troubleshooting, maintenance and installation.

Dell's application expertise is evident in all our designs.

Although your application is unique to you, chances are Dell Marking has designed a system for your application.

QP Jr Wipes

QP Jr Low-Lint, Pre-Saturated Wipes

Delmarko Pen

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