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Disposable Cartridges

PB-5 & PB-6
Disposable Cartridges


DelMarko Refillable Ink Pens

DelMarko Refillable Ink Pens

Dell's colors are the boldest in the industry resulting in more marks per ounce. Dell inks when dried, result in a very thin, flexible film which will not interfere with the performance characteristics or your part. Dell provides color coding solutions to companies worldwide. Standard and Custom Formulations for any surface and marking requirements. Pigmented and non-pigmented for all types of automatic and manual applications. UV inks available.

AN INK SOLUTION FOR EVERY MARKING APPLICATION. Hot or cold part, dry or oily surface, permanent or removable... Dell inks will fulfill your requirements!

Dell inks are formulated for all types of marking applications including manual marking, dip-spinning, hand-dipping, tumbling and low-pressure spray marking.

A wide selection of colors and formulations are available including ROHS compliant, low-VOC, lead and chrome free, solvent and water based inks.

PIGMENTED - Visible on almost any material including dark part surfaces. Formulated to mark through and/or be resistant to oil, grease, water and acidic or alkaline solutions.

NON-PIGMENTED - Provides minimal film thickness and excellent visibility on bright surfaces. Will not settle or separate.

WATER REDUCIBLE MARKING INKS - Non-flammable, permanent or water soluble. Available in pigmented or non-pigmented formulas.

QP JR™ (Quickie Prep) - Low-lint pre-saturated wipes for cleaning marker tips, inkjet printheads and spray guns.

DPI 24 INKS - VFormulated for dip-spinning, hand-dipping, tumbling and striping. A wide selection of colors are available.

DELMARKO™ REFILLABLE INDUSTRIAL MARKING PEN - Dell has redefined the industrial marker with the introduction of the DelMarko series of industrial marking pens. Extremely flexible, the DelMarko Marking Pen is available in 24 stock colors and an unlimited selection of formulations and colors.

The DelMarko will fit into Dell's automatic touch marking systems.

Inks are automotive manufacturer approved.

Marking Inks

Custom Marking Inks Can Be Formulated:
• To Provide An Extremely Fast Dry Time
• For Detection By Optical, Fluorescent, UV And Color Sensors
• To Withstand Extremely High Temperatures
• For Laser Marking Applications
• Batch Dipping

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